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Who's Vision Are You Chasing?

Do you have a reservation? What's the name? Oh yes. Here you are so glad you're here. I've been expecting you. I'm Tori S Shira. You already knew that didn't you, are you ready to fall in love with your direct sales business and purpose again? Well, then you're in the right. Welcome to girl boss rehab.

Hey. Okay. So we are. Starting this, can you believe it? One, this is all brand new to me, doing a podcast all by myself. If you've checked out our other show, it's the unlikely house wise of Joco sorry for the shameless plug, but gotta do it and gotta really put it on my heart that I needed. To do this podcast of girl boss rehab, because that's exactly what I'm going through.

And so you're thinking, okay, well, if you're going through it, what are you sharing with me? And I'm sharing all the thoughts, all the feelings, all the things that I've learned. And that's, God's really put on my heart. And I may just be one step in front of. But I would love to take you with me. So if the trailer resonated with you at all, then I think you're gonna be greatly surprised.

And I think you're in the right place, cuz you didn't find this by accident. So let's get into it. Whose vision are you chasing yours or his vision boards? How many times in your business have you been told? To create a vision board. The beginning of the year, the beginning of your new fiscal year, the beginning of a new quarter with a new contest.

How many different vision boards do you have? Do you have a personal vision board? Do you have a business vision board with all of your goals and all of the things that you wanna achieve with your business? What does that look like? This is something that I grew up in with direct sales and it seems.

Like a wonderful idea. Absolutely. Have your goals in front of you that you're looking at in front of your desk, have them everywhere, have them on your car dashboard, have them on the refrigerator, have them where you're gonna see them, a new people that put them on their garage door. So when they entered their garage, came into their house every day they saw it.

And then when they left, they had one on the outside too. So they could see them every single. The idea of you are putting this in front of you to manifest it, to envision yourself, being there, feeling it, what you're gonna be doing. Like, how are you going to feel when you are at this rank? Or how are you gonna feel when you get this promotion?

How are you gonna. Feel when you're walking across that stage, you know, what's it going to be like when you get that check, what are you going to do when you are making that amount of money a month? What's the feeling, what's the vision for that? And they want you to write it all down. The idea is obviously.

That you are creating that feeling in your body. And so your body knows what to expect and that you are in expectation of it. Right? And again, all this makes total sense. However, What if I told you that we were looking at vision boards all wrong, what if, instead of basing our vision boards off of the next promotion or the company car or the next incentive trip, the next contest?

What if we were basing our vision boards on God's vision for us instead of our vision for us? I'm gonna talk about this a lot, because this is really the thought that I want you to have, and I want you to consider. Your business. And I think it'll shift your perspective of how you work your business. Are you going to be okay if God has planned for you, does not include you going to the top of your company.

Are you going to be okay with that? What if God's intention is that you never make an incentive trip? What if God's intention for you is that you never get the company car that you never have a top producing team. What if that's God's intention for you? Not because he's punishing you or saying that that's not something that you deserve.

Let's be clear. We all deserve nothing that God gives us because we're all sinners and we've all been abundantly blessed just by his forgiveness alone and dying on the cross. Our vision boards are so materialistic. Sure. We tie it to things like, okay, well, when you get that check, what are you gonna be able to do for your family?

What are you gonna be able to do for others? When you go on that incentive trip, you know, what's that gonna look like? You're creating vision for your team. I understand all of that. And I get that to a point, however, Let's be real, everybody that comes into direct sales network, marketing, social, selling, whatever you wanna call it is not going to always get to that incentive trip to get to that company car, to get to that top rank.

Not because they didn't try. It's not because they didn't put in enough effort. It's not because they didn't talk to enough people. It's because that's not God's purpose for their life period. End of story. That's it. Okay. So let me back up a little bit. Let me tell you a story. So my first network marketing company I had, I'll be honest.

I'm gonna be pretty transparent with you guys. If you know me one, you know, the companies that I've worked for previously, and you'll also know what I'm talking about. If you're part of these companies now, but I want you again. Hear my heart. I love, love this industry. I think it's an incredible industry.

I think not only have we been given a bad rap for all of the Hey girl messages that we drop in, people's DMS that we send, but I think we've also been sold a bill of goods that don't belong to us. So when I started my first company, I. Fresh out of college. I told, I convinced my brand new husband of six weeks that I could work the business.

I could work it full time. I could have a full-time income with it. And by the time that we had children, I would be able to have an income and be able to stay at home because that was one of the things that he really wanted for our family is for me to be a stay at home. That's a different story about how I felt when we had that conversation, but I sold him this because I believed it.

I believed then I, I come from a family of entrepreneurs. I love the idea of being an entrepreneur. It's just, I it's just in my bones and that's that's I'm. I, I, I love it so much. I love the entrepreneur spirit, the risk, the boldness that it has to take all of everything about it, but it also comes with sacrifices.

Right? I had this dream again, 21, 6 weeks into marriage, eight weeks outta college. And I jumped in. With both feet. And I was sure I was going to be a director. I was gonna, so that's the, I would say that would be like a full-time position working full-time and then my ultimate goal was to hit a national and from the beginning, when we're talking vision boards and what we saw for ourselves, and what do you want out of this business and where do you wanna go?

What do you wanna take it? And when I went to my first company event with them, I saw beautiful women. All in high heels, beautiful matching suits. And I was like, oh my gosh, they're on a stage. I wanna be on a stage. So I note I was a theater kid, so I feel relatively comfortable on stages. Some may even say too comfortable.

I think I've passed that on to my oldest, which is terrifying, but I saw this vision of me being on a stage and sharing with. Thousands of people. Now that may not be your story that may absolutely terrify you. I know many of people who stand on direct sales stages now who say, I wouldn't even speak in public in front of five people, let you know.

And here I am speaking in front of thousands. I love how God uses that their stories. And I truly believe that he's given me a gift with public speaking and my background in theater, speech debate, all the things to do whatever he's created me to do. And so that's where I had this vision and I truly believe it's a God.

That's always been a God given vision. Now, what did I take from that? I took from it that, oh, I'm gonna be a. I'm gonna be a top director. I'm gonna be on stage being recognized for a top producing team for top producing sales. I'm gonna be teaching people like this is gonna be great. And I had a lot to learn as a 21 year old running your own business.

I say that in parentheses, right? Because. Well, you, you know, again, people have their own opinions about whether this is our own business or not, but I worked that business the best way. I knew how, what I was being fed, what I was learning, what I was trying to do. And I worked that business for five years and that dream never came to fruition.

The way that I worked that business, the way that I conducted myself, the way that I conducted my marriage during that period almost killed my marriage. It's definitely a blessing. I did not get a divorce at that time. So I shut the direct sales door closed and I had no intention of opening it back up again.

And I had some growing up to do. I had a couple of babies to have, I have two girls and then enters my current company. My current company, I started as customer love the products. I started feeling better seeing results. And you guys know how it goes. You start that quote unquote accidental business, because a couple of friends have ask you, oh, what are you doing?

Or what do you use? And then you start to have your own customers. And before you know what you're in business, I think that if my current company had started any other way in my life, if it had been business. It never would've entered because I was so fearful of damaging my marriage even more or damaging it again.

I guess that's a better way to say it. So that's where I started. And then I made the commitment with my husband. That if it started to turn into that first company, if I started to work at like the first company that he had full reign, to be able to say, pull the plug and say, you're out, we're not doing this family first and we're not gonna play this game again.

And I said, absolutely. This is fine. So here I am, I'm in my business six years later and in the momentum seasons of my business, I have always seen the stage. And again, I would put it like, oh, well then at convention I will be on a stage or I will be on the virtual training calls. Like I see the stage.

And again, that vision. Has always been consistent. Y'all know the feeling. It's when you feel called to something, you feel called to something. And I kept putting that answer in a box. Like it's going to be this business. It's going to be my direct sales business. It's going to be this network marketing business.

So the stage was always on my vision board. The top rank of my company was always on my vision board. The incentive trip was always on my vision board because that came with the top rank. The company car was always on my vision board because that came. One of the top ranks. Like all of these things came in place.

The big check came with the top rank, like which again, all of this makes sense of how I would get to this stage, what God finally put. He had to take a lot of things away from me. He had to take the desire, the passion. I had to go through it in complete burnout season of my direct sales business, the season of feeling lost.

And that's gonna. Getting lost is not quitting by the way. And we'll talk about that in another episode, but I finally got the clarity of Tori quit putting me in a box. There are so many stages out there. It doesn't have to be this one. And let's be honest. I talked back, cuz if you know me, I'm gonna talk back and I'm like, my God, how are you gonna do that?

But, I mean, what kind of stage, how many? I mean, really let's be clear guys. How many stages can people get on, on? I mean, like, you're not really thinking of a whole lot of stages. If you're in corporate America, what stage are you thinking about? You're not really thinking about any stage you're thinking.

Okay. Well, motivational tra I, I don't know. And so I was like, okay, God fine. You're right. It's not my direct sales business. This is not the stage I'm gonna be on you're right. I need to close. Door. I need to close my business and I wanna follow your lead because I feel the most content the most at peace, the most in my purpose, when I am in obedience with you Lord.

So close this business. If this is not where you want me to be and y'all, you know what he did, he continue to bless my business. He kept opening doors for my business that like just swung wide open and I'm like, God, I like, literally I'm arguing with God. Like, okay, God, no, I need you to slam the door shut.

So I know to walk away and now to walk away. And then I came to the realization of the, and, and another shameless plug here. If you go to my other podcast with Tracy, the unlikely Housewives, you're gonna see that we have a whole series summer series that we believe in the end. And I think this concept is something that we have lost in today's world, in today's society and culture, that everything is an awe.

You can only have one or the other. You can't have both. Can I have my cake and eat it too? No, but God made it very clear that I have you in. Direct sales business for a reason, and this door is going to remain open and I have something else for you. And I'm still going to give you that stage. I gave you that vision for a reason.

And you guys, oh my gosh. How much pressure did that take off of me? Because here I was, I'm working. Like, it depends on me. Well, in all honesty, It doesn't, it never has dependent on me. And yes, you absolutely have to show up when God calls you. You absolutely have to work. Direct sales is not a, you know, the joke now, hang out business, you have to work it.

And I do work it. I work it in a way that works for me and my family and it's my business. And I get to do that just like you do you get to work this business at the level at the capacity that God has called you, that works for your family because your first mission is your family. If your family is not intact, when you walk away from your business, it defeats the whole purpose.

I don't care how much money you're making, because he wants families intact whole families, and he is setting our whole families are happy. Content families are examples for others of what Christ's love looks like in a family. And there is no way he's gonna sacrifice your family. So you guys have more money in the bank.

It's just not, it's not blip and it's not what he is gonna do. So when you look at your vision board, whose vision are you chasing? Are you chasing your vision or are you chasing his. Have you sat down and have you had conversations and prayed about it and gone, God, is this what you want is this is what you want from me.

Or do you want me to sit and quote unquote, middle management in my business? And you have something bigger because you guys it's networking. Let's be clear. Our business is all about networking. And one of the things that I pride myself on and I've learned it from my mom is that I'm a people collector.

I am always collecting people. And I say that in a good way. I'm always talking to other people, finding out what they do, because in my mind, I know somebody that needs to be connected to them. It may have no benefit for me whatsoever, but they, I could tell you probably a hundred different connections I've made for people and said, you need to know this person, or you need to know this business.

And it has been no, it's not profit. For me whatsoever, but that's all networking. So what if, if God has you in this business to open a door through somebody you're gonna meet in this business, maybe on your team, maybe not, maybe a sideline, maybe an upline, maybe a down line that somebody, your level one brings in.

But what if that's who you are supposed to meet and that's another direction he has you going. And then maybe later down the road, he closes the direct sales listening for you and says, I want you to focus on this. This is the purpose. This is where I want you to be. And honestly, you guys, we get so hell bent on one idea.

His purpose for us is for our entire lives. His purpose for us is not a career. It does not just define. He has so much for us to do for the glory of his kingdom and for the glory of him alone while we are here on earth. And that does not just mean one business that does not mean just impacting in one way.

It means impacting in all sorts of ways. If you're a mom, you get to make an impact on your kids. On the day. If you are a business owner, you get to make an impact on your customers, on your employees, on your vendors, all of that. He has you in that. If you are in school, you get to make an impact on your teachers.

On your professors on your deans, on your other students, with you. He has us in so many different avenues and our job is to make an impact and influence those, the love of Christ on a daily. So no, your direct sales business is not the end all be all. He may have be calling you to something else. He may use it simply as a vehicle to get you to another place.

So I want you to think about this again, whose vision are you chasing yours or. Great session today. I'll see you back here next week in the meantime, be sure to follow the real dot Tori Shira on Instagram. And if you have any questions between this week and next week session, you can email girl boss rehab,

And remember God already factored in stupidity. When he assigned us our mission and purpose.

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