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It is no surprise that you cannot DO your best if you don’t FEEL your best. Let’s remember that our body isn’t ours - it’s God’s and must be available and capable to do what He has called us to do.  Wellness starts from the inside out and it is a lot easier to be preventative than reactionary when it comes to our health. As a Christian direct sales business owner, I know how important it is to feel our best to follow through God's purpose for our lives. 


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My Wellness Favorites and Must Haves:


Clean Energy Drink with Health Benefits: (Active) We wear a 1000 different hats a day in order to do ALL the things for ALL the people, right? And more than ever we are tired and drained from doing it all! And that’s why I LOVE this CLEAN ENERGY drink (that even has added health benefits!). It’s safe, clean, not going to give me that crash a few hours later and BEST OF ALL — not packed with stimulants and sugar! 


Immunity Boosting Supplement: (ImmunePlus) When mama is sick - everything goes to sh…t. No? Just my house? I can’t afford to be sick with all the things I have got to do and accomplish which is why I make sure my immune system is in tip top shape to fight off whatever new variant is out there in the world.


Clean Ingredient Skin Care: (Joyome Set) I worked with a skin care company YEARS ago before kids and in those days time in the bathroom getting ready was however long I wanted. Nowadays, time is a luxury and I don’t have time for a 5 step skin care system. The fact this this is a “wash your face & apply serum” system makes me happy. And with clean ingredients, it’s a no brainer to switch to it. 


Electrolyte & Hydration: (Hydrate) Growing up when it came to sports, there was only the one choice of sports drink - good ol’ Gatorade. But now we have tons of options and yet most are filled with TONS of sugar, artificial flavors and dyes. To have an electrolyte drink that is packed with vitamins, natural flavors, and actually GOOD for you is a game changer for my family.

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