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Podcast Mentorship Program

So you want to start a podcast? 

Great! There is no better time than NOW to start one. The industry is growing and doing so in an exponential way. For example, the number of Americans listening to podcasts weekly has increased by 120% over the last four years. And over 44% of the US population (90 million Americans) has listened to at least one podcast. Convinced yet?

However, MOST podcasts do not make it past releasing 7 episodes which is known as the dreaded PodFade. Why is that? Because they have not found a sustainable way to keep their podcast running and it has become overwhelming. 

That's where I come in! I have launched 2 successful podcasts and have discovered how to make it a relatively simple process. And with it being simple, YOU will continue to create new episodes week in and week out. Isn't that the idea? 

I offer a 5 week one-on-one podcasting mentorship program to work with you as you create the podcast of your dreams. Each week, we have a 1 hour coaching session to talk through each step and by the end of 5 weeks you will have a podcast you can be proud of! You don't have to experience business burnout with a podcast!

If this is a program you would like to know more about in detail, fill out the waitlist info below and schedule a FREE consultation! Can't wait to hear from you!

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