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Let Go of the Month End Hustle and Feel JOY on the 1st

Do you have a reservation? What's the name? Oh yes. Here you are so glad you're here. I've been expecting you. I'm Tori S Shira. You already knew that didn't you, are you ready to fall in love with your direct sales business and purpose again? Well, then you're in the right. Welcome to girl boss rehab.

Welcome back friends to girl boss rehab. So excited you are here with me today. I have got a story for you. I don't know about you guys, but do month ends trigger you because they definitely like end of the month, hustle is a real thing. And it's almost something that if you have network marketing, friends that are in the same business as you, or even different businesses, For different companies, you can see the post at the end of the month, the last three days of the month.

And they are all the last minute reach out the last minute. Hey, one more thing for this special da da, da, da. And I get it. We are built network marketing essentially has built us to look at things on a 30 day timeframe. And so at the end of the month, We're closing out the month with, you know, the goals, trying to hit the ranks, trying to get the promotions, you know, getting the extra bonuses, whatever they may be.

And so the end of the month is pretty important to us. And so I wanted to share a story with you guys about a previous month this year for me. And. How different it was when I focused on God first and where he wanted me in my business. And when I basically surrendered the control to him in that I'm gonna push back a couple of years ago when it was the end of the month.

And it was may, and I was reaching for a big. Big big goal. And this is previously, so this is a couple of years. This is before my mind shift changed. And before God worked on my heart, but my wedding anniversary is May 31st and I was reaching for a rank. I was trying to hit a goal and I. Told my husband, Hey, let's not do anything tonight.

Um, in fact, can your parents come over and hang out with you and our girls? And can we have dinner together, but then can I come back inside and can I do reach outs and finish up working? Cuz I'm working for this big. And my loving, supportive husband told me. Sure. That's if that's what you wanna do. Okay.

We'll absolutely do that. And so I worked up until his parents came over, we had dinner together and then him, my in-laws and the girls were all playing outside and I was inside doing reach outs and messages and all the likes. And that is how I spent my wedding anniversary a couple of years ago. Now, when you're going for a big goal, Most of the time people are gonna tell you, you've gotta make sacrifices.

You're gonna have to make changes in your habits, or you're gonna have to give up something to get something you're gonna have to say no to something. So you can say yes to working and getting that goal. What did that month end look like for me when I did that? Yeah. I got a couple of extra orders. I ended up not quite reaching the goal that I had in mind, but I was closer than I was going to be.

And. I was good with that. I was a little disappointed because obviously when you don't hit your goal, you're disappointed at some point, but I was like, okay, I felt good. Cuz I had worked and I had hustled and I had worked until the last minute and I didn't give up and a momentum did shift. God did use that time.

He used that evening actually to. Reignite a fire in some of my team members, which was amazing. And so God did show up. And so I know that he used that day specifically to change the trajectory of my life. That is one of those big moments. Which is like, how many of those big moments do you have in working your direct sales business?

How many of those big moments do you have that you can remember where it wasn't a specific rank up, or it was a day that God used to change everything for you. And that is where I could see where everything started to come around and change. I can put it all back on that date. Now, fast forward a couple of years to this.

May, and it's complete 180 from where I was those couple of years ago. Instead of I was actually with my family. We had traveled back to Texas to see my parents and some family, some friends, and. It was our family vacation. We did a road trip and we brought the cat with us and it itself sounds crazy to take the cat, but we took the cat kiss previously, our senior, my old girl, Samantha.

Um, if you followed me at all on social media, you've seen pictures of her. She was my shepherd mutt. She was 14 years old. She passed away two weeks before we left. And so all we had left was the cat. We didn't have to be anywhere at certain times. And so we were like, well, Hey, since we can just kind of play this trip by ear, let's just bring the cat.

And that way we don't have to rush back if we don't want to, if we wanna stay longer, we can, if we don't, you know, we just have that flexibility. And so that is an adventure in itself, which I'll tell you the story of how we came back with two puppies and a cat and the kids all the way back to Kansas. So.

It was a very important trip. However, before all that came together, May 31st happened and I lovingly asked my parents if they would watch the girls for us. So Andrea and I could go out to dinner for our anniversary in Dallas, and I knew. Leading up. I had actually been in Texas, I think for six days prior to the 31st cuz really we, the girls got outta school and we headed straight to Dallas.

And so I had been checking on my business. I had been working in this space, but I had prepared all month knowing that I was gonna be on vacation, knowing that I was gonna spend that quality time with my family, knowing that I didn't wanna be on my phone the whole time. I didn't wanna be working on my laptop.

I wanted to take that moment. Completely focused on seeing friends that I had seen spending time with my family and just having that, I wasn't going to worry about this month's end. And that is how I prepared myself for the month. And that is how I knew. I was like, I'm not gonna do anything special on the last day of the month that I wouldn't have already done.

And so we went to dinner now to show you how. Things have switched. And my mind had switched. I was close to reran to my highest rank that I've ever hit in my business. And I was real close to it and I did not worry about it. I wanted it. And honestly, I had some quiet moments with God and I just said, God, I know that if this is where I'm supposed to be, if I am supposed to reran.

You will find a way and make it happen. But I am not going to sacrifice my time. You've given me this gift of a family vacation with my entire family, and I'm going to honor it and I'm gonna honor my marriage tonight. I'm not going to make my husband feel less than. I'm not gonna make him part of my sacrifice this time.

And so all I did on our date, I actually made two phone calls, one to somebody directly that I had sponsored early on. And I helped her work through a couple of things and was able to help her 15 minute phone call. That was it. And I was able to help her actually rank to her first rank and get a bonus, which I was super happy about.

To me that that's, if I can help put money else in somebody else's pocket, like that is almost, that feels so much better than, than hitting the rank myself. And so again, that was my priority is helping her. And then another, somebody like a level two called me or sent me a voice message and just said, Hey, I have got this.

Girl who is in Texas, you've got a Texas phone number. Would you mind calling her and just asking her some questions and seeing where she's at and if she wants to get started. And I was like, sure, I can make that 15 minute phone call cuz I still have my Texas number. And we all know that you don't answer a phone number that you don't know or we all screen our phone calls, but she recognized a Texas number had to Texas number.

And so it was easy. She did pick up and we talked for 15 minutes, so I was able to help out that level too. Again, 10 minutes, one call 15 minutes. The next call. That is all I did on the last day of the month. And. I was satisfied. I was content. I had a joy in my heart that I was on a date night with my husband, which I had not had in a very long time.

And that was it. And I told my husband that, that I'm like, well, it'd be great if I hit this. And he knew what was going on, but he also had my full attention. I was not on my phone all night whatsoever. So I, I made those phone calls on the way to dinner. And then we went to dinner. And he mentioned at the end of dinner, he goes, why don't you just check your numbers?

And so I pull up on my phone and sure enough, I had re ranked cuz we went to dinner like old people. It was like eight o'clock. And I was like, oh my gosh, Re ranked. That's amazing. That's awesome. Like God moved in that space. Like he absolutely honored this space that I had given him. I had surrendered this business, you know, in these leading months I have surrendered this business to him and, and I've said, God, this make this what you will, if I'm never to rank up again, that's okay.

If I am never to do anything other than what I'm doing. I'm gonna be here until you tell me to leave until you tell me to go and close this door and I'm okay with it. And so to re-rank was like just an affirmation for me of God, speaking into that space, going, I see you. I know what you're doing. And he is faithful.

He is faithful and he would've been faithful if he didn't make that reran. Period. Now I'm gonna talk a lot about giving God the space to show off. Okay. I was like at one point over for my reran and that was enough, obviously, like, but when I woke up in the morning, I was actually 25 points, 26 points above where my reran needed to be.

And that was giving God the space to show off. Absolutely. And incredibly, he didn't have to do that. He didn't have to do any of that. He didn't have to help me reran period either, but you guys, the amount of gratitude I had waking up the next morning going, oh my gosh. Lord, like, thank you. Like it wasn't just a little bit.

It wasn't, but he showed off and just saying, Tori, when you leave this business in my hands, I'm going to bless this. I'm going to give you this and you don't have to sacrifice the things that I want you to have things that are the most important, your family, your marriage. You don't need to sacrifice those to have this business where I want this business.

That was the most incredible feeling. Again, just spurred me so much more to one, create this content of this podcast is giving God your business and success does not equal wealth. Period. You're not gonna hear about the prosperity gospel for me. You're not gonna hear about thinking about abundance. And if you think about abundance or if you're in the scarcity mindset, you're gonna have to go to other people for that, because you're not gonna find that here.

My job here to share with you is I want you to put what needs to be put first God. Your marriage and your family. If we're honest, your marriage first, then your kids then everything else. Okay. And God is never going to ask you to sacrifice time with him. He's never gonna ask you to sacrifice your marriage.

He's never gonna ask you to sacrifice your family for what he's calling to you in life, period. He's not, it's just not going to happen. He's not going to set you up. To sacrifice time with your kids time with your husband, because those, those are important aspects of what your mission on life is. As wives as spouses, we are iron sharpening iron.

Like how many of us know that nobody knows our weaknesses, like our spouse, or nobody can push our buttons. Like our spouse can. Right. There's a reason for that. That's that's God's grace on letting us figure out our sinful natures, the closest with our spouse and kids. There is nothing like finding out how much of a non-perfect human you are.

When you have kids and we are to pour into our kids and disciple our kids and show them what priorities in life are. It's God, it's our marriage. And then it's them. So he's never going to say sacrifice time from them. For a business for your network marketing business. And I don't care if you're donating all the money from your network marketing business, to the homeless shelter, to, you know, a missionary in another country.

He's still not going to have you sacrifice your time with him, your marriage, or your family for this. It's just not going to happen now. Where did those other points come from? Besides the obvious answer, like God just moved, moved things. He made things happen. I gave him the room. If I had been hustling that evening, I had been making more phone calls or sending more messages and following up with all of these people, I would've claimed that those extra 25, 26 in that reran would've been mine.

I would've thought that that was on. That would not be relying on him and previously, so a couple months before this. So like, I guess it was March or April. I have a good friend of mine who was running for the top rank in our company. Love her. She's absolutely a doll. She's incredible. And she was running for it one month and she missed it.

She got short at the end of the month and obviously that's a month full you're, you know, you're disappointed, but you are gonna go for it the next month. So she goes for it the next month. The last week of the month, I wanna say even the last 10 days, her kids got sick and she was home with her kiddos taking care of them.

And then the last five days of the month, she was sick in bed and it was that month. That she hit the top rank in our company. Come on. Y'all like, if God didn't remove her from the situation he did it, like, let's be clear. It was almost as he was telling her, I need you to step back. I need you to remove yourself.

Like when the kids got sick, he was like, oh man. This isn't gonna happen. And she started to worry about it. She started to, you know, start almost panic a little bit, but then she also, and then when she got sick, she was just like, Lord, like I, this is yours. I can't, I'm not able to. Function and to work with my team, like I would or make the phone calls because she was sick in bed.

She really couldn't work. Like she was, could work if she was perfectly healthy. And it was in that moment that God just said, because I'm going to show you that I will make this happen because if she was completely healthy, it's the temptation is for us to say that it's all ours. It's in our weakness, that a, he is strong.

I mean, when I look strong, that's not me. That's God creating this podcast. Not me. Absolutely. A hundred percent God. Every time I think about posting an episode, I'm terrified. It's that 30 seconds of courage that I have to hit schedule publish. Because after that, like once it's noted on the internet, it's not on the internet, you can never take it down.

I mean, you can take it down, but it's out there. And so I just pray for God for that 30 seconds of courage to do that. But this is not mine. This is his. And so I want to encourage you again. I am not ever telling you just to slow down, you know, I'm not saying don't work your business. I'm not saying rely on others to make it happen.

Absolutely not. I'm not. What I am saying is when you surrender your business to God and you are focusing on the important things, he's gonna put you exactly where he wants you. Your business is gonna be exactly where he wants to go. He's going to bring the people to you. It's not that they see another post of yours.

It's not that they saw you on your message or your DM about your product. That's not why they're buying. God's gonna bring the right people to you. If you are honoring him and everything else. And to this day, months later, I'm still in awe of how may ended the way it did. And. It is a great thing for me to remember on how faithful he is.

And so I would encourage you to think of different times in your business when you didn't do any more reachouts, but you still hit the goal or when you were like, God, I can't do this. And he brought that person to you. Where you're like, this is not even somebody I was reaching out to anymore. And they just messaged you and say, Hey, I just happen to remember that you do this.

And I would love to join you like that is God. Okay. Let's, let's be clear. That is absolutely God working in your business. And I have an incredible team. I have an incredible team of people working. They are amazing. They are. Passionate. And currently they all have fantastic momentum in their businesses, and I'm truly thankful for how God brought every single one of those people into my life.

And I have been working this business for seven years now. And while I could say that, Because I'm not working at the intensity that they may be working or I could start to feel guilty and that's not what God has for me either whatsoever. I am honoring God by showing up. When he wants me to show up, he's bringing people to me.

And when he decides to close this network marketing door or this door to this podcast or the door to whatever he wants to close, I'm gonna obey and I'm gonna walk away. But he's continued to bless me and continue to call me here. He gets to figure out the rest I don't have to. And I don't have to feel things about the situation, shame, guilt obligation.

I don't have to feel any of that cuz that's not from him period. And so that's an episode that's upcoming for you guys as well, because I think those are three powerful emotions that we feel in network market. And those aren't from him. Those aren't God's. So I hope that this encourages you. I hope that you continue to surrender your business to God.

And you remember where your priorities are. I don't care what corporate says about their priorities. They can say, God, first family, second career third. I don't care the way that you do that. The way that your children see that. The way that your husband sees that. That's what matters. Okay. And if it's something as simple, like, oh, I'm just gonna sacrifice this soccer game, or I'm just gonna sacrifice this anniversary or I'm just gonna SA you know, like just for this one time, one time, one, it's a slippery slope.

One time becomes a whole lot of other times. Two, what kind of message are you telling the people that are most important in your life? Those are my encouragements to you. I hope you take a look at that in your life and in your business. And I will see you back here next week. Great session today. I'll see you back here next week in the meantime, be sure to follow the real dot Tori Shire on Instagram.

And if you have any questions between this week and next week's session, you can email girl boss, rehab, Gmail com, and remember God already factored in stupidity. When he assigned us our mission and purpose.

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